What does our company need a voice application for

The application possibilities of Speakware are infinite, a voice application can support us in many everyday situations.

Use FAQ and website as voice application

With just a few clicks, you can create your voice application from your website's FAQ. Thus your customers' most frequently asked questions can already be answered.

Make book knowledge available

Available everywhere such as in the car, it can be very helpful to acquire the knowledge of a book by voice.

Local service

Do you run a restaurant or do you have a shop? Use Alexa or the Assistant to offer your dishes or your product range.

Give an overview

Offer a calendar in which your customers can find out when your special events are taking place in addition to the holidays and vacations.

Combine useful things for the home with your own products

Alexa, how do I get the coffee stain out of the white shirt? With the super white stain remover, the stain is quickly treated.


Offer your product via voice shopping, because more and more people are ordering their products with Alexa.

Favorite Food

Most people order the same dish regularly. Alexa, order me “duck-sweet-sour” from the Chinese snack bar ... works, just on demand.


Games are a popular application for voice assistants. Here the focus is on fun and entertainment.


Nowadays, virtual consultants no longer feel artificial, they can be of real help to your customers and relieve their staff.

Use FAQ and website as voice application


Reach everyone? Your FAQ and website is accessible to everyone as a voice application because it can speak several languages and because it can also interact with people who are visually impaired or unable to read.


With little effort? Your FAQs or website already exists, with Speakware you can use it to create your voice application.

Make book knowledge available


Cumbersome clicking back and forth in manual or tutorial CDs to finally find the passage you need. That is no longer necessary these days. The new voice guides are only asked about what is really of interest.


If you have a guide or want to make instructions available, then use the voice assistants to reach more people regardless of age and language.

Local service


The use of voice assistants is particularly interesting on site, for example in retail stores or in restaurants. To guide customers, introduce them to current trends or offers, or to inform them about the products offered.


Here the aspect multilingualism is interesting as well, because who can offer 6 languages to choose from when advising customers? With Speakware you can implement your voice application in multiple languages.

Combine useful things for the home with your own products


Provide offers by voice in your field of expertise to help your customers. Such as a collection of recipes, an overview of medications or sports exercises.


Integrate your own products to promote yourself.

Give an overview


If your company has recurring or special appointments for your customers, such as garbage collection appointments, meetings, presentations or celebrations, you can also implement them in a voice application!


With Speakware, you can make changes to your voice application in a matter of seconds, so that sudden changes are not an issue.



A popular function is the creation of shopping lists by voice input. But why create lists when you can immediately order the desired product via voice shopping? This makes particular sense for recurring purchases. Do you already have an online shop? Then connect it to the current voice applications!


Bought windshield washer fluid while driving without taking your hands off the handlebars or taking your eyes off the road. Order red paint while painting without taking off your gloves. Just bought new detergent when washing up without drying your hands. Shopping by voice has extraordinary potential due to its versatile benefits.

Favorite Food


Many people order their food online. It is even easier with a voice assistant, because the AI knows your habits: it knows where and what you would like to order. So you can improve the customer experience and retain the customer.


Voice shopping makes it easier for your customers to access your products. Placing an order by voice is quick and convenient. Pre-orders can be made to save yourself the waiting time in line or you can have your food delivered directly to your home.



You want to be challenged, a game should be entertaining and you want to win in the end. Whether alone, with each other or against each other, an infinite number of game variants can be implemented as a voice game. For example, quizzes, escape games and hands-on adventures are popular.


Why would my company ask to publish their own game skill? With such a game you can raise your profile. You can bring your own advertising to bind customers to your brand. It is also possible to earn money with such games, because in-skill purchases are already possible.



Advice via the voice app is always available. You don't hang in a phone queue or have to deal with registration forms to get adequate advice. The artificial advisor does not sleep and does not need coffee breaks, he can answer an infinite number of customer inquiries at any time.


Virtual advice via voice relieves the staff. Frequently asked questions are answered quickly. A first consultation takes place, at which a purchase recommendation can already be made. This means that routine tasks have already been completed with a voice app and the customer has received an initial assessment of the brand loyalty.